Kokuhaku or “confession” is a short VN developed by a company called Song Wing which mainly work in sound design, casting actors, etc basically all related to sound and music and this is their only work as game developers. The plot, uuggghh. The plot in this VN is nonexistent andRead More →

Beautiful life is a love story dorama, the particular thing about this one is that the girl of the story is in a wheelchair. A beautiful beginning. The beginning of the dorama is really good, it manages to hook the viewer immediately with some good drama, realism and some comedyRead More →

If you are wondering this VN is not related in any way with the one released by the Light company, this DIES IRAE (all in caps, because why not?) released in 1996 is the work of a company called Family Soft. They mostly made games for PC-98, 88 and MSXRead More →

This is a visual novel created by a company named Jirai Soft and this is the only decent VN they have, well I never read Hotarubi no Shoujo but Kurui no Tsuki was awful… moving on with the review.Read More →