Master Magistrate is the murder mystery detective visual novel set in the late years of Japan’s Edo Period. Developed by the indie studio Irodori and released in the year of 2017, it quickly attained popularity and became a hit amongst Japanese fans. They praised the great direction sense, well-crafted scenario, immersive atmosphere, and fascinating soundtrack, amongst other aspects. Hobibox have attained publishing rights for the Chinese and English versions of the game, wishing to bring this experience overseas. They have committed themselves to provide a high-quality product, hoping to turn a new leaf and redeem themselves for not so fruitful past endeavors.Read More →

While Capcom was busy re-releasing the initial Ace Attorney (AA) trilogy for the nth time, the fans delivered: nearly four years after its release in Japan, Dai Gyakuten Saiban or “Great Ace Attorney” has been fully translated as of April 30th. Being a die-hard fan of the AA series and having played all nine other games available in English, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.Read More →

Kokuhaku or “confession” is a short VN developed by a company called Song Wing which mainly work in sound design, casting actors, etc basically all related to sound and music and this is their only work as game developers. The plot, uuggghh. The plot in this VN is nonexistent andRead More →

Hajimari no Kisetsu ~Izakaya Fuyu Monogatari~ (do not look at the tags or the screenshots on its entry because they are all spoilers) is the second visual novel by R.A.N.Software, a little eroge company which was active in 1997 till 2000 and you probably never have heard of. It’s writtenRead More →

Beautiful life is a love story dorama, the particular thing about this one is that the girl of the story is in a wheelchair. A beautiful beginning. The beginning of the dorama is really good, it manages to hook the viewer immediately with some good drama, realism and some comedyRead More →

If you are wondering this VN is not related in any way with the one released by the Light company, this DIES IRAE (all in caps, because why not?) released in 1996 is the work of a company called Family Soft. They mostly made games for PC-98, 88 and MSXRead More →

VNDB Link:   Disclaimer: I played the recent fan translation and from my (limited) knowledge of Japanese, I found it to be quite accurate. I was actually surprised by how the translator made certain sentences work and I can’t recall an instance where I thought the translation looked strange.Read More →